About MyEd

About MyEd

MyEd is a technology company focusing on converting official and user generated data into valuable knowledge-based solutions to meet the needs of students and parents for impartial advice and information on educational institutions, courses and other related services.

MyEd aims to radically change the way parents and students make education choices.

In developing the business, our research demonstrated that:

  • Parents and students do not have a single online resource that enabled them to easily access advice and detailed information about every type of education institution in the UK.
  • Data and reports from educational bodies as well as feedback from parents, students and the institutions were frustratingly scattered across the web, with no single site providing information about the UK’s nurseries, schools, colleges, universities, courses and related services in one place.

The research led us to develop MyEd as a comprehensive guide for parents and students to help them search for advice on all levels of education, nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and courses in one place.

MyEd.com has been designed to provide:

  • Impartial advice and guidance on all levels of education in the form of articles in the Advice Centre
  • Essential information on nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and courses in the form of Listings.
  • Collective knowledge of parents’ and students’ first hand experience of nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and courses in the form of Reviews.

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