Nursery Advice

Step-by-Step guide: Choosing a nursery

  • Step One: Guidance

    If you are considering sending their child to nursery care for the first time or want to consider a different nursery, our advice is to visit a number of nurseries to see how your child will cared for and the facilities and resources available for their development.  You will have to rely on the information available, other parents views of the nurseries you visit (or have shortlisted), and your own ‘parent intuition’.

    We have built MyEd as a platform that will empower parents to access a wealth of information and to share their own views, knowledge and experiences of their child’s care and education.

  • Step Two: Advice

    Use the articles in our Advice Centre that we have prepared to help parents get a better understanding of the choices available. Ask questions and read comments for each article. We aim to provide impartial and unbiased advice.

  • Step Three: Search

    Search for information on Nursery Day Care in England.  Simply enter your location or postcode in the search bar at the top of the page for a list of nurseries in your area.

    The information is displayed in an easy to read format with lots of additional information to help you make the important selection decisions.

  • Step Four: Shortlist

    Save the filter settings that you have used so you can come back to your previous search results.  You can also save nurseries to your user profile, so you don’t have to begin your search again when you need to revisit the information.

  • Step Five: Enquire

    Once you have selected a nursery that you would like to receive more information about or arrange a visit to, simply select ‘Send an Enquiry’ and complete the simple form which helps you to request a summary of the information that you would like to receive from the nursery.

  • Step Six: Visit

    • Find out if they hold open days, or if you can arrange to visit at a convenient time and day.  Try not to visit soon after their lunch as  young children often take a nap.
    • When visiting be observant and we advise that you should be prepared with some questions in mind.
    • The nursery will normally provide a welcome from one of the management team or senior carers, followed by a tour of the nursery, facilities and outdoor areas.  Most nurseries will give a tour of all age groups so parents can see how children at the nursery progress and gain independence.
    • Please read our article ‘Advice for visiting the nursery that you are considering‘ where we provide a list of suggested questions for you to consider when visiting or shortlisting a nursery to apply for a place at.
  • Step Seven: Register and Enroll

    Once you are satisfied with your choice of nursery, you will be required to register and may be asked to pay a deposit or registration fee to hold your place. You will also need to provide the days or sessions in the week that you would like to book your child to attend.

    Once successfully enrolled you should be asked to book a couple of sessions that will help ease your child into nursery care.

  • Step Eight: Monitor and communicate

    Once your child is attending nursery day care, you should carefully monitor their wellbeing and ensure communication with the staff and in particular the key worker responsible. We provide articles in our Nursery Advice centre that aim to provide guidance for parents to ensure that their child is receiving a high standard of care and that effective communication is established.

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