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Welcome to our University Advice section. We have prepared the information here to help students understand the vast options of studying home or abroad at higher education level. Most of the topics are written as Questions and Answers and if there is a question that you have that we do not provide an answer for, get in touch we would love to hear from you and help further.

What should I study?

What a big decision. There are so many things to take into account when deciding what to study, often we are advised by other people on what we should study – we speak to friends and family, we speak to our tutors and career advisers, we go on work experience, we search for information, or some of us just know exactly what and where we want to study.

Either way the decision should not be taken lightly, and for most subjects there are so many variations of courses available, different methods of learning and teaching – you must find out what suits you best.

If you are stuck deciding what to study here is our advice:

  1. Watch the video below, it’s a short talk by the late Professor Alan Watts and his great advice to students titled “What if money was no object”.
  2. We have created a decision tree that aims to helps students decide what to do next. It will take you through what to study, the options available and the different learning environments that you may be suited to.
  3. Visit our Subject Guide; here we have searched for great videos that will help students understand a large variety of subjects.
  4. Once you have a clearer idea of what to study you will need to look at your options for where to study or other alternatives to going to university.


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