• Type of Institution Primary School
  • Age Range 3 - 7 Years
  • Religious Character Church of England
  • Number of Places 180
  • Number of Staff 44
  • OFSTED Rating Outstanding


Headteacher Mrs Kaye Hunter, Headteacher
Educational Stages Nursery / Pre-school (0 - 4 yrs)
Reception / Infants (4 - 7 yrs)
Legal Status Voluntary Controlled School
Local Authority Name Warwickshire
Parliamentary Constituency Nuneaton
Urban or Rural Setting Urban city and town


  • Latest OFSTED Rating Outstanding
  • Latest Inspection Date 16/01/2014
  • Latest Ofsted Report View Report
  • This is an average-sized school.
  • Nursery sessions take place each morning and afternoon, and the arrangements for children’s attendance are flexible.
  • There are two single-age classes in the Reception Year and in Years 1 and 2. Pupils are grouped by ability for literacy lessons.
  • The proportions of pupils from minority ethnic groups and pupils who speak English as an additional language are broadly average. A few are at the early stages of learning English.
  • The proportion of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs supported through school action is well above average. The proportion supported at school action plus or with a statement of special educational needs is about average.
  • The proportion of pupils supported by extra funding through the pupil premium is above average. In this school it applies to children who are in the care of the local authority and those known to be eligible for free school meals.
  • Since the previous inspection there have been many changes of teaching staff, including the appointment of a new headteacher in 2011 and a new deputy headteacher.
  • There is a privately run nursery, Abbey Fields Day Nursery, on the school site. It is inspected separately. The school is in the process of taking over the responsibility for running this nursery.
  • The school receives no external support.
  • The school provides support to other local schools through: the headteacher leading Early Years’ networking meetings two teachers in Key Stage 1 acting as assessment moderators for the local authority other teachers visiting to observe the work of the learning mentor and nurture group, the school’s effective implementation of a commercial literacy scheme, and the way children are taught in the Early Years Foundation Stage.
Inspection Date 21/03/2007 14/05/2009 16/01/2014
Overall Ofsted Inspection Rating Requires Improvement Good Outstanding
Achievment of Pupils Requires Improvement Good Outstanding
Quality of Teaching Requires Improvement Good Outstanding
Behaviour and Safety of Pupils Good Good Outstanding
Effectiveness of Leadership and Management Good Good Outstanding
View Ofsted Report View Ofsted Report View Ofsted Report View Ofsted Report

Pupil Metrics

Number of Pupils
Percentage of Girls
Percentage of Boys
Percentage of SEN Pupils
Percentage of Pupils with English not as a first language
Percentage of Pupils Eligible for Free School Meals
Year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of Pupils 220 212 207 208 206 206
Percentage of Girls 44.50% 50.90% 51.20% 49.00% 52.90% 49.00%
Percentage of Boys 55.50% 49.10% 48.80% 51.00% 47.10% 51.00%
Percentage of SEN Pupils 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00% 0.00%
Percentage of Pupils with English not as a first language 23.20% 19.30% 8.00% 8.30% 13.00% 14.20%
Percentage of Pupils Eligible for Free School Meals 15.90% 30.00% 30.20% 27.50% 32.00% 27.10%


Number of Teachers
Number of Teaching Assistants
Number of Support Staff
Pupil to Teacher Ratio
Average Salary
Year 2017 2016 2015 2014 2013 2012
Number of Teachers 7 9 10 9 10 9
Number of Teaching Assistants 15 16 11 13 13 11
Number of Support Staff 22 0 24 1 2 2
Number of Full Time Teachers 6.30 8.30 8.60 8.40 8.10 9.00
Number of Full Time Teaching Assistants 9.30 9.40 8.40 9.50 9.40 7.20
Number of Full Time Support Staff 17.20 0.00 20.20 0.50 1.40 1.40
Pupil to Teacher Ratio 31.10:1 23.00:1 22.00:1 22.30:1 23.50:1 20.70:1
Average Salary £38,841 £37,143 £35,005 £34,587 £34,322 £32,888

Food & Hygiene

Food Preparation No Data
Food Standards Agency: Hygiene Rating
Food Standards Agency: Inspection Date 19/10/2018

Pupil Care Provision

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