• Type of Institution University
  • Undergraduates Not available ?
  • Postgraduates Not available ?
  • Academic Staff Not available ?
  • Average UG Course Satisfaction 88.00% ?


Educational Stages ( - yrs)

Student Statistics

Year 2017 2016
Total Undergraduates and Postgraduates 0 0
Total UK Undergraduates and Postgraduates 0 0
Total EU Undergraduates and Postgraduates 0 0
Total International Undergraduates and Postgraduates 0 0
Year 2017 2016
Undergraduate Applications 230 295
Undergraduate Places 175 195
Undergraduate Applications to Places Ratio 1.31:1 1.51:1
Total Undergraduates 0 0
Full Time Undergraduates 0 0
Part Time Undergraduates 0 0
UK Undergraduates 0 0
EU Undergraduates 0 0
International Undergraduates 0 0
Year 2017 2016
Total Postgraduates 0 0
Full Time Postgraduates 0 0
Part Time Postgraduates 0 0
UK Postgraduates 0 0
EU Postgraduates 0 0
International Postgraduates 0 0

Official Inspection Report

Summary of Institution sourced and published with permission from the most recent QAA inspection report where available for this institution.

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