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Advice Centre


Impartial advice and guidance on all levels of education in the form of articles in the Advice Centre 



Essential data and information on nurseries, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and courses in the form of listings

Survey Reviews

 Survey Reviews

 Collective knowledge of parents’ and students’ first hand experience of nurseries, schools, colleges, universities and courses in the form of reviews.

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With over 30,000 institutions and  hundreds of advice articles in our database, searching for an nursery, school, college, university or course that meets your requirments just got easier.

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MyEd collects information from many sources and displays it in an easy to digest format enabling users to compare key information to make informed decisions on what and where to study.

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Survey Reviews

Our unique reviews process is an intelligence data analysis system that has been designed to provide our users with the most relevant and digestible information to help them make the best decisions on their investment in education.


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Once a user has researched an institution and has the information they need to make a decision they can begin to shortlist institutions that they would like to enquire to.


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We have designed a simple enquiry form which aims to capture information about you and your query so that insitutions can get back to you with the relevent information as quickly as possible.


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